10 Amazing Benefits Of Oxygen Facial For Glowing Skin(II)

10 Amazing Benefits Of Oxygen Facial For Glowing Skin(II)

How Does The Oxygen Facial Work?(Oxygen Facial Procedure)

This excellent skin treatment involves three steps:

1. The Light Treatment

A light (emanating from a stick-like machine) is used to infuse oxygen into your skin. This stick-like machine is rotated all over your face. This smoothens and calms your facial skin.

2. The Serum Treatment

This is the most crucial step in the entire process. The facial serum has hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins, and loads of antioxidants. These tighten the skin, make it radiant, and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Massage

This is the final step where you do a facial massage with lotions and creams that nourish your skin and seal it so that the effects of the treatment last longer. Special oxygen-infused creams are used to massage, cleanse, scrub, and exfoliate your skin.

It is now evident why everyone in the glamour world swears by the oxygen facial. However, it might hurt your pocket (ouch!). But, hey, don’t worry. We have got some DIY solutions. These are super-easy and can be done at home. Take a look.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Oxygen Facial Kit

· Skin Type Skin type should be the number one concern before you buy an oxygen facial kit. Not every facial kit is meant for all skin types. If you have dry or sensitive skin, a hydrating or moisturizing facial kit is your best bet. There are facial kits specially curated for oily or combination skin as well. Just check the product label to find out which skin type it is made for.

· Skin Concern If you have any pre-existing skin condition – like acne or blackheads – we suggest you consult an expert before investing in any product.

· Side Effects Although the main ingredient of oxygen facial kits is pure oxygen, some of the auxiliary elements may not suit your skin. Test the product as suggested before you apply it to your face. There might be mild side effects like temporary redness or swelling, but these effects are known to diminish soon after the completion of the application. If any side effects persist long after the application, consult a physician immediately.

· Brand And Budget There are many brands, local and international, available in the market that offer oxygen facial kits. Consider the different brands and their claims before you decide on what to buy. Also, select the one that suits your budget, but don’t overly fixate on price if you want the best for your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

· Does oxygen facial remove blackheads? Dr. Rebecca Marcus, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist, says, “There is very little scientific evidence regarding the effects of oxygen facials on the skin. If the facial treatment includes manual extraction of blackheads, this is the best way to guarantee that blackheads will be removed.”

· How long do oxygen facial results last? While this depends on your skin type and concerns, the results of an average oxygen facial can last for 5-7 days.

· Is Oxygen Facial better than Hydra Facial? Both treatments provide similar results. However, you may prefer Hydra Facial if you want to reduce skin oiliness and tighten it.

· How do you prepare for an oxygen facial? Ensure you cleanse your face to get rid of dirt and makeup and that your skin is squeaky clean.

· Is oxygen facial good for oily skin? Yes. Oxygen facial works great for oily skin, providing deep cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration.

· Is oxygen facial good for dry skin? Yes. Oxygen facial is suitable for dry skin as it hydrates the skin deeply and helps in achieving glowing skin.

Key Takeaways

Oxygen facial detoxifies skin and helps repair and regenerate the skin cells.

The facial also helps shrink the acne pores.

Opt for an oxygen facial kit that suits your skin type.

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