6 Common Moisturizing Mistakes That Quickly Age Skin

6 Common Moisturizing Mistakes That Quickly Age Skin

Don’t worry—we’re bringing you this post so you can adopt healthier habits right away that will leave your skin looking a lot more refreshed.

1.Applying Moisturizer to Dry Skin without Preparation

You apply moisturizer to hydrate skin, right? So it would make sense that you should apply it to dry skin. This is a mistake. Dry skin typically has a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface. This creates a layer on top of skin that is unlikely to allow any moisturizer through.

If you really want your moisturizer to penetrate dry skin, exfoliate first. Try a gentle scrub with raw honey and yogurt. Once you’ve finished exfoliating, then apply your moisturizer.

Better yet, exfoliate, shower, and then apply moisturizer immediately, before the dampness on skin evaporates, to help lock in that water content.

2.Rubbing Your Moisturizer Too Vigorously

If you’re rubbing in your moisturizer—particularly if you’re in a hurry to have it vanish—you’re robbing yourself of many of its benefits.

Apply gently in circles, with an upward motion. Be particularly careful around the eye area. Leave a light sheen of moisturizer on the skin and give it time to absorb before getting dressed or applying makeup.

3.Choosing the Wrong Moisturizer for Your Skin

In addition to avoiding potentially damaging ingredients like chemical fragrances, petrolatum, parabens, and the like, you need a natural product that works right for your unique skin type.

Drier skin types usually do well with coconut oil, whereas those prone to oily skin may favor grapeseed or avocado oil.

4.Applying Moisturizer Inconsistently

Like the rest of your body, your skin falls into a routine. If you apply moisturizer twice a day, for example, and then go for several days applying only once a day, expect your skin to react. It may get dry, your pores may clog, or respond with more oiliness.

5.Should You Moisturize Your Whole Body?

Are you a face-only moisturizing person? If so, you may want to expand your repertoire. The skin is the largest organ we have, and works as a unified system. If you’re neglecting a large part of it, you’re requiring it to compensate, which can rob you of your best-looking skin.

6.Never Changing Moisturizer

Skin changes as we age. It will require different ingredients in your 40s than it did in your 30s, and so on for just about every decade.

If you move to a different climate, your skin may require less or more moisturizer. If you’re going through hormonal changes (menopause, pregnancy), your skin will change, too. To do: In general, be aware of your skin. If it starts to get too dry, dull, or flaky, step up your moisture with a richer cream or with hydrating masks. If it’s too oily or your pores are clogged, try a different product.

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