Get Gorgeous After Your Workout

Get Gorgeous After Your Workout

Love that rosy glow your cheeks get after a great session at the gym? You can thank increased circulation and blood flow for that natural flush. As more oxygen flows through your red blood cells, your expanded pores also release sweat and toxins trapped in your body. We typically don't recommend wearing makeup after a hard session at the gym, but tight schedules can leave beauties little time to primp. If you've got post-fitness plans, check out these beauty pointers after a power hour at the gym.

Start by rinsing your face with a non-irritating cleanser that removes excess sweat without stripping away natural oils. To refresh your face and reduce the redness, lightly mist toner or cool aloe vera gel six inches away from the face.

Since you've got the blood pumping around your face, you don't need a lot of extra color from makeup. Choose an oil-free foundation formula to avoid clogging pores. If you still see redness, spot conceal using a creamy cover-up with yellow or peach undertones. Red and pink hues will only draw attention to your ruddy complexion, so stick with nude tones for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Be sure to use waterproof eyeliner and mascara for extra sweat resistance.

Use a dry shampoo or cornstarch to absorb sweat on oily roots. Slick your hair into a ballerina bun after a hard workout—it's super chic and so easy to style! Ready for a recap? Keep these essentials in your gym bag.


1. Gentle Cleanser

2. Toner or Aloe Vera Gel

3. Nude Makeup

4. Waterproof Eye Makeup

5. Mini Body Spray

6. Mini Deodorant

7. Blotting Papers

8. Face Cleansing Wipes

9. Dry Shampoo

10. Bobby Pins


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