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What Are Triple Eyelids, How to Treat it?

Have you ever felt like to find that the eyelids appear obvious folds when waking up, for those natural double eyelids, waking up to find three or even four folds on the eyelids can be surprising. Drinking too much water before bed and waking up with edema, you will occasionally have "triple eyelids", but some people are born with triple eyelids due to genetic factors, or the muscles around the eyes start to become weak with age, and the surface of the skin will gradually form multiple folds. It can lead to feelings of self-consciousness for some people, regular face yoga training can improve the appearance of multiple eyelid folds.

Causes of Triple Eyelids

1. Muscle weakness

Increasing muscle weakness around the eyelids is one of the main causes of triple eyelids. Individuals who spend a lot of time on the computer or who have to use their eyesight a lot will lose the strength of the muscles around the eyelids at an accelerated rate.

2. Elasticity loss as aging

Elasticity loss in the skin around the eyelids affects the appearance of the eyelids. The looser the skin, the more likely it is to crease. Aging is known to be the main cause of skin loss of elasticity, so extra attention needs to be paid to the eyelid's skin, especially the anti-aging treatments. Some may even opt for surgery to address the issue of collagen loss.

3. Losing weight

Excess fat will make you obese, but proper good quality fat is one of the 3 essential nutrients for the human body. Excessive dieting will make your body lack nutrients and fat loss, which will eventually lead to sagging or even hollowing of the face, creasing of the eyes, crow's feet at the end of the eyes, and triple eyelids. Therefore a healthy and balanced diet is necessary.

4. Eyelids Injury

It is crucial to protect your eyes. Eyelid injuries can potentially change the muscles of the eyelid, leading to lasting damage that further impacts its strength. Even if it is healing, the musculature of the eyelid can be hard to return as strong as before, resulting in a triple eyelid. Besides unpredictable accidental injuries, bad habits such as rubbing the eyes repeatedly and overusing the eyes can also cause damage to the eyelids.

How to Treat Triple Eyelids

The appearance of triple eyelids may make the eyes look asymmetrical and extra noticeable in photographs. If accompanied by droopy eyelids, the eyes can look lifeless, and many people are concerned about this; regular facial yoga poses will improve droopy eyelids and triple eyelids.

Here are some face yoga exercises that may help improve the appearance of triple eyelids:

  • Eyelid lifts: Gently place your index fingers on your eyelids and apply light pressure as you try to close your eyes. Hold for a few seconds, then release. Repeat this exercise several times to help strengthen the muscles around your eyelids.

  • Eyebrow lifts: Place your fingers at the end of your eyebrows and apply slight pressure as you lift them upwards. Hold for a few seconds before releasing. This exercise can help tone the muscles above your eyelids and reduce the appearance of extra folds.

  • Eye circles: Gently rotate your eyes in circular motions, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. This exercise can help improve circulation around the eyes and promote better muscle tone.

  • Temple massages: Use your fingertips to gently massage the temples is circular motions. This can help relieve tension in the muscles around the eyes and promote relaxation.


Remember to perform these exercises regularly and combine them with a healthy lifestyle to potentially see improvements in the appearance of your eyelids over time. As always, consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise routine.

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