6 Hairstyles That Are Good For Your Skin

6 Hairstyles That Are Good For Your Skin

Think your go-to hairstyle for working out is causing you to breakout? It might be. From excess product to pore-clogging dirt and debris (not to mention: sweat), your hairstyle could be getting in the way of achieving clear skin with a post-workout glow. But fear not! Ahead, we share six workout-approved hairstyles that can help keep your sweaty strands away from your complexion.


Glossy-looking French braids are a fun way to spice up your gym look and keep your hair away from your sweaty complexion. What’s more? You can rock this sporty style long after you sweat for a chic athleisure look.

To create the look, you’ll need two small elastic hair ties, a gloss-enhancing hair serum, and a spritz of hairspray to top things off. Start by applying the serum to the palms of your hands and applying it to your strands from the roots to the ends. Be careful not to overdo it, as you want a sleek look, not a greased look. Once your hair is coated in the serum, part your hair and create two sections down the center of your head. Now, it’s time to braid. After you’ve braided both sections—and tied them off with an elastic band—give them a quick spritz of hairspray to help keep everything in place and tame any flyaways. Then, toss the hairspray in your gym bag for post-workout touch-ups and you’re good to go!


Whether you’re having a bad hair day, or simply want to hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in days, a top knot can be a great way to look chic and keep your strands out of your face while you workout. What’s more? You can rock this trendy look with short or long hair! We share how to achieve both looks, below.

For hair that’s long, you’ll want to start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail onto the crown on your head. Next, wrap your strands around the ponytail and tie things off with another hair tie, or pin your strands in place with some large bobby pins. If you have hair that is short and doesn’t quite fit into a high ponytail, you can create this look with a half ponytail, too! To do so, simply section off your hair into a half ponytail and secure an elastic at the crown of your head. Then, twist your ponytail around the elastic and secure it in place with another elastic band or bobby pins. Spritz hairspray onto any flyaways and voilá!


Speaking of half ponytails, another favorite way to pull our hair out of our faces while we workout is with a 90's-inspired half ponytail! Perfect for low-impact, non-cardio days when you want to keep your front pieces from sticking to your forehead, this look can help prevent any hair-related breakouts AND give your hair some extra volume when you’re done with your workout.

To style your hair in a 90's-inspired half ponytail, start by sectioning off your hair with a no-crease hair tie. That way when you take it out, you’re left with voluminous hair to tie up onto the crown of your head. If you have bangs or unmanageable flyaways, pull them back with a fun-colored headband or hair clip.


Go super sleek with a slicked-back high ponytail. This trendy look can be a great option for keeping your strands away from your complexion and masking the look of sweaty, post-workout hair, too. What’s more? With a few quick touch-ups, you can take this look from the weight room to your favorite brunch spot with little to effort.

To get the look, you’ll need a wide-toothed comb, a hair serum or gel that can give your hair a glossy finish, and a heavy-duty hair tie that can keep your hair in place, even after three sets of burpees. Start by running the comb through your strands to ensure that you get rid of any tangles. Then, apply some gel or serum to your palms and onto your roots and the top of your hair as you pull your strands back in a ponytail. Before securing with an elastic hair tie, comb through your hair—starting at your roots—one more time to smooth things out and evenly distribute the product. Lastly, secure your hair in place and drop and give us twenty!


Love the slicked-back ponytail look, but want something a little more sporty? Why not try a ponytail braid? Similar to the slicked-back ponytail look, the ponytail braid can help keep sweaty hair away from your complexion during and after your workouts. What’s more? You can take the braid out after and have a fun, wavy-looking ponytail for the rest of the day!

To rock a ponytail braid, simply pull your hair back in a slicked-back ponytail using a wide-toothed comb, a hair serum or gel that can give your hair a glossy finish, and a heavy-duty hair tie (full instructions, above!). Then, section your ponytail off and braid until you reach a desired stopping point. Tie your braid off with a small elastic hair tie, spritz it with some hairspray, and you’re good to go!


Speaking of sporty, pigtail buns can be a fun way to keep your strands away from your complexion and add some serious spunk to your gym style. This on-trend hairstyle looks great without gym clothes, too!

To rock pigtail buns, you’ll need a wide-tooth comb, a gloss-inducing hair gel or serum, two elastic hair ties, large bobby pins, and some hairspray. Using your wide-toothed comb, separate your hair into two sections. Next, apply some gel or serum to your palms and pull each section back into high ponytails. You should now have two slicked-looking pigtails. Similar to a top knot, you’ll want to twist your pigtail ends around each elastic band and secure them in place with large bobby pins. Follow up with a spritz of hairspray and you’re ready to get your sweat on!

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